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About Us

Clear Lake High School is consistently one of the top rated schools in Texas and in the United States. In 2014, the campus earned all six distinctions from the Texas Education Agency: Reading/ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Closing Performance Gaps, and Post-Secondary Readiness. 

Our curriculum consists of 436 courses for students to choose to prepare themselves for college, university, technical school or a career. Courses are offered at a regular level of study as well as an advanced level. Regular courses are the courses in which the greatest portion of the student body enrolls. Advanced Academic, Pre-Advanced Placement, and Advanced Placement courses are advanced level classes that provide students with more concentrated study in a particular field.

The mission of Clear Lake High School, the launching platform to infinite possibilities, is to ensure each student becomes a confident and contributing citizen who leads and serves with integrity, self-awareness, and passion, cultivated in a school community distinguished by meaningful relationships, inspirational learning experiences, and freedom for innovation.




The button-up shirts and thick glasses of every 80’s movie have been thrown away. Nerds are no longer a fringe group, they are the sleek inventors of tomorrow. Robotics is a cutting edge and highly technical club designed to prepare students of any age to immerse themselves in the elements of the STEM field. The […]
On Saturday 20, 2018, women all over Houston gathered together to march in Downtown, Houston for building progressive power for the 2018 elections.   Women met up at Buffalo Bayou Waterworks Building to start marching to City Hall. The Houston Police Department guided the March along the route for the women’s safety. All marchers gathered […]
Over the 2017-2018 winter break, Clear Lake High School finally completed enough construction of its new campus to host all classrooms and offices. “My favorite thing about the new building isn’t my beautiful new classroom or the amazing library or even the awesome commons—my favorite thing is finally having the entire campus under one roof,” […]
Despite earning largely positive critical reviews, including 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has also received plenty of hate from viewers. In addition, The Last Jedi, has become the eighth episode in the Star Wars saga on December 15, 2017, grossing 67.5% less on its second weekend than in its opening weekend. […]