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About Us

Clear Lake High School is consistently one of the top rated schools in Texas and in the United States. In 2014, the campus earned all six distinctions from the Texas Education Agency: Reading/ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Closing Performance Gaps, and Post-Secondary Readiness. 

Our curriculum consists of 436 courses for students to choose to prepare themselves for college, university, technical school or a career. Courses are offered at a regular level of study as well as an advanced level. Regular courses are the courses in which the greatest portion of the student body enrolls. Advanced Academic, Pre-Advanced Placement, and Advanced Placement courses are advanced level classes that provide students with more concentrated study in a particular field.

The mission of Clear Lake High School, the launching platform to infinite possibilities, is to ensure each student becomes a confident and contributing citizen who leads and serves with integrity, self-awareness, and passion, cultivated in a school community distinguished by meaningful relationships, inspirational learning experiences, and freedom for innovation.




Seniors volunteered on Wednesday last week at the Houston Food Bank for the annual Senior field trip. This year they indirectly helped Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims by sorting canned goods and water for disaster boxes to give them some assistance in the aftermath. The boxes contained protein, water, drinks, fruits, vegetables, and snacks. The […]
A school shooting erupted at Texas Tech University on October ninth. The shooter, Hollis Daniels pulled out a gun on campus and shot an officer before roaming the campus on foot. He was then later arrested by a campus officer near the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum and was charged with capital murder of a peace officer. […]
With the arrival of the Texas homecoming season, what comes to mind are mums.   But, Hurricane Harvey the destruction left in the greater Houston area some seniors are finding it difficult to have the time or materials to put mums together for each other. Ashlynn Klots, a sophomore said, “I don’t like making the […]
Stephane Mooring, a stay-at-home mom and a resident of the Clear Lake area, teamed up with a friend of hers to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. To accomplish this, they came up with the Harvey Moms Organization. This organization goes to the affected people’s houses and serves the workers and families homemade bagged lunches. “Now […]
During the aftermath of hurricane Harvey, the local branch of Lockheed Martin, a prominent space engineering company, sent out its employees to assist several Harvey victims. For some members, this included bringing family with them on Saturday, September 2, when they went to League City to help clean out the survivors’ homes. “We pulled out […]