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Falcon Lunch

When on a Falcon Lunch bell schedule, our Falcons have one hour each day for their lunch period. During this time, Falcons have 30 minutes to eat lunch and 30 minutes to take care of other needs. Falcon Lunch has proven to be an effective tool for helping our young adults learn to manage their time and prioritize their responsibilities. Common uses of Falcon Lunch include, but are not limited to:

  • attending academic tutorials with teachers
  • peer tutoring sessions
  • participating in student clubs
  • using the Lake Library Maker Space
  • attending Honor Society meetings
  • visiting the Lake Shop
  • studying
  • business needs (parking, bookkeeper, exam registration, etc.)
  • enjoying outdoor lunch in the courtyard

Falcons are expected to demonstrate Core Values at all times by assisting in maintaining a safe and clean campus environment. Students are also expected to be responsible with their time and attend tutorials when assigned. If students choose not to follow campus expectations during Falcon Lunch, the privilege of Falcon Lunch may be suspended for the entire campus at Principal's discretion.

To emphasize the trustworthiness in the student body that is required for Falcon Lunch to remain safe and successful, disciplinary offenses that occur during Falcon Lunch hour have escalated disciplinary consequences assigned. Student drivers who use their vehicle during lunch in a violation of the code of conduct will have parking privileges suspended and/or revoked.

Safety is always our first priority. For this reason, all CCISD campuses are closed campuses. This means that lunch deliveries may only be dropped off by a parent or guardian, and students are not allowed to leave campus to get lunch. Food delivery services are turned away at the student's expense. CLHS offers a wide variety of child nutrition options, and students are always welcome to bring lunch from home. Food service information is provided to the right for setting up your student's School Café account.


CCISD Child Nutrition

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Lunch Assistance

Click the picture below for more information on the CCISD Free & Reduced Lunch Program, including how to apply.