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Attendance & Tardy Policy


CLHS Attendance Office phone number: 281-284-2020

The state legislature establishes the guidelines for school attendance. Students must be in attendance no less than 90% of the instructional days per class period each semester. All non-school-related absences are assessed by the Attendance Officer - excused AND unexcused.

A Falcon who is absent must submit a note to the Attendance Office to support the reason for their absence within 3-business days to have an absence documented as excused. Please note, CCISD no longer accepts attendance notes via email. All docuemtnation must be delivered to the campus Attendance office in person. 

Students who fall below 90% attendance will lose credit for the courses in which the absences occur. These students will also be contacted by an administrator and the CLHS Attendance Officer and will be required to make up any missed seat time to reinstate graduation credits  regardless of their earned grade in their class(es). Students with excessive absences are also subject to referral to Harris County Truancy Court. 

Students who need to be checked out of school early can be checked out one of two ways. Students may be checked out in-person by a parent or a guardian who has rights to check the student out of school for the day, or the parent or guardian may send a virtual check out request via email. A check out email must include:

  • the name of the student,
  • date and time for check out,
  • the destination, a hand-written parent signature,
  • a photo of the requesting parent/guardian's state ID.

No student, regardless of age, will be allowed to check out without prior written consent from their parent/guardian. Students must check out through the Attendance Office prior to leaving campus. VERBAL CONSENT FROM A GUARDIAN IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Submitting your request in a timely manner can expedite the process and minimize any delays in summoning your student to the office.

Early check outs end at 2:15 pm.


Tardy Policy

Responsible Falcons are in class on time every time. 

2023-24 Tardy Policy