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Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones continue to be a major distraction during the instructional period for students. While current District policy allows students to bring their cell phones to school, students at Clear Lake High School are required to put their phones on silent and in their backpacks when entering classrooms. Students are not allowed to have cell phones at their desks during instructional periods.

Falcons are expected to model Core Values at all times. By placing cell phones out of sight, our Falcons can stay actively engaged in their own learning and are demonstrating Responsibility and Respect.

For students who choose not to meet these expectations or who continue to have difficulty avoiding distraction, phones will be taken up by the teacher and returned at the end of the school day. Multiple infractions may incur a fee to return the phone and/or disciplinary consequences.

Cell phone use in locker rooms and bathrooms is specifically prohibited, as is filming/photographing others without their consent. Failure to meet these expectations will be considered digital citizenship violations and may incur disciplinary consequences for bullying or harassment up to and including placement at DAEP or expulsion. Falcons respect each other and themselves.