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Our color guard team presents the national colors at football games, other types of sporting events, and even sometimes NASA. Color guards usually only consist of two riflemen and two flag bearers carrying the American and Texas flags. If you would like to join the color guard team and know more about it please come to the after school practices which are on every Monday in the JROTC room (room #5024) or see one of the team Cadet SFC Yuneidi Mota-Trinidad.

Stubblefeild 2019Stubblefeild 2019Stubblefeild 2019Stubblefeild 2019Stubblefeild 2019orienteering 2020
This is our orienteering team. Orienteering is all about knowing how to navigate yourself around an area using a map. On the map, you will have a series of points that you have to get to as fast as you can starting from one point on the map. Learning how to orientate yourself is a great skill that you will use for the rest of your life because it teaches you how to understand maps. If you'd like to join the orienteering team and liked to know more, come to the after school practices on every Tuesday in the JROTC room (room #5024) or see the team Captain Cadet SSG Arden Rinehart and Cadet SSG Alexis Toalson.

Brooks PTBrooks PTptpt
The Physical Training (PT) team is exactly what it sounds like, we work towards building our physical fitness and endurance. The PT team mainly focuses on what the need to improve on for their next competition. For example, if there's a 5k run coming up, they'll work on their long distance running and endurance. In competitions, they score you on how many sit-ups, push-ups, and other exercises you can do in a minute and how fast you can run a mile. If you would like to join the PT team and know more about it, come to the after school practices on every Monday and Tuesday in the JROTC room (room #5024) or see the team captains Cadet SSG Ashtin Anderson and Cadet SSG Trent Mashue.

HomecomingHomecomingNASA Honor Guard
Our Honor guard team only preforms on special occasions. For example, ever year they present the homecoming court and, if it's our schools turn, we also present the candidates for Miss JROTC at Military Ball. The honor guard team consist of an even number amount of people, excluding the commander, usually about 8 or 10 and each cadet will have a saber by their side. If you would like to join or know more about the honor guard team, come to the practices after school on every Monday in the JROTC room (room #5024) or see the honor guard team captain Cadet LTC Joshua Dubose.

Football GameFootball Game
Our rally flags team goes to every football game that the Clear Lake football team competes in. The main purpose for the team is to boast school spirit and keep the students excited about the game and our football team. During football games, the team members will be holding the four different flags that spell out 'LAKE' on them and run down the field when our football team scores a touchdown. They also run with the football team at the beginning of the game. If you would like to join or know more about the rally flags team contact the team captain Cadet1SGT Skyler Freeman


Our archery team competes in many events both in district and out of district, our team practices weekly after school and during lunch on Thursdays. Learning how to shoot a bow isn’t the only benefit that archery has, you can qualify for scholarships to compete on the college level, archery also teaches individuals the importance of patience and focus in the mind. If you wish to join go to Team Captain Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Hannah Klippel.

Drill Team


The Clear Lake High School Armed Drill team competes in competitions around the State. The core of Armed drill is to build a select set of every-day life skills centered around self-discipline and working as a team. These skills are developed through marching, and military movements with a model rifle. In Drill team you will learn Basic and Advanced Drill movements. While in Drill team you will get stronger, and sharper with your movements. As well we compete to earn money for our program and go on road trips through the state for competitions. If you want to join Drill Team come to Room #5024 in the Academics hall in the JROTC room. Make sure to talk to the team captains Cadet SSG Colten Stonestreet and Cadet SSG Parker Bourns.

Air Rifle

Air Rifle Shootout

Our air rifle team is where you get to shoot lead pellets out of air rifles. It requires precision, accuracy, and concentration. From having to control your breathing to keeping your rifle straight you have to focus when aiming down range. The captain that will teach you everything you need to know about this team is Cadet CPT Rusty Mullins and Cadet MSG Cory Locke If you would like to join the team or learn more information come to the JROTC room (5024) for air rifle team practice on Tuesdays.

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